The Kilburn Speedway was located just off Churchill Road - Kilburn, a suburb of Adelaide approximately 8 kilometres from the City.

In 2003 a plaque was erected on the site to commemorate the Speedway.

Photo supplied by Joanne Denton.



The second meeting of the 1949/50 season at Kilburn saw the return from their first season in Britain of Jack Young and Merv Harding, as well as Ern Brecknell. Jack and his brother Frank were the backmarkers in the Solo handicaps starting from a massive 250 yards behind. Brecknell and Harding were on 170 yards. Other riders included Johnny Kelvin, uncle of the channel nine newsreader Rob, on 60 yards alongside Tom Butterfield, who is a regular here at Gillman, and a lad called Bill Wigzell.

Jack Young quickly re-established himself on his home track by breaking his own three-lap record in his first ride for the evening, and in his second ride he clipped four seconds off the four-lap record previously held by Jack Biggs. Interesting only two years later Young and Biggs were in a run-off to decide the 1951 World Championship. Jack showed his keenness by trying every inch of the way in the first heat of the Solo Handicap to gain third position in spite of being allotted the highest yards behind handicap ever at Kilburn.

Jack Prime/Johnny Penn won the sidecar scratch race from Ron Anderson/R. Flavel and  Charlie McConnell/F. Schmelzkopf but Anderson later defeated Prime in a special challenge race and then won the six-lap handicap from the back mark of 180 yards from Bill Butler/P. Stanley and Len Dyson/Mac Edwards.

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